• Liz is great.  She is so professional, responsive, and fast.  Whenever I ask her to do a new project she is always so prompt getting it back to me.  One time I even had an emergency.  I was really in a jam to get something out to a client and I was having technology issues.  Even though it was absolutely last minute notice Liz got it done for me right away.  I know I can count on her to do a great job and once I give her the project I know I don’t have to worry about it anymore. ...
  • Thanks! You save me time and make things happen. -Lauryn Franzoni, The Franzoni Group
  • Need a WordPress pro? Can you imagine the know-how it takes to transfer 3 blogs from the Movable Type platform to WordPress? Liz did that and tackled every obstacle along the way. She truly knows her way around WordPress, solves problems fast, suggests refinements and workarounds, and brings the new WordPress user up to speed painlessly. -Katharine Hansen - QuintCareers.com
  • As always, Liz cuts through the garbage that fills my head and shoos off the silly fears that keep me from doing the things I need to do. She helped me build a plan for pursuing the things I want and got me through a geek hurdle that had stopped me for months. She is definitely my go-to resource for increasing productivity and putting my world and my businesses in order. Thank you Liz!  –Jan Adamson, Writer – janadamson.com  
  • I have had the good fortune to have had Liz Sumner assist in organizational, administrative and web site facilitation for my Print Production management company. Her strong ability to assess needs and prioritize tasks, her flexibility with scheduling, and her advanced computer skills have been an invaluable resource for my business.   –Lynn Horsky, Process Corp.  
  • At a time when I was completely overwhelmed with book projects and deadlines, Liz wrangled the work into submission. She created tools, such as spreadsheets and email lists, to make the work manageable. She tackled non-book projects to free up my time to work on the books. She filled in the gaps where my technical knowledge was weak.    -Katharine Hansen - Quintcareers.com  
  • I needed to take my e-commerce Web site and re-host it on a different web server... Liz is a “phenom” when it comes to these kind of tasks. No worries when needing to merge two different web programs, taking different software versions & getting them to play together, insuring all of the data bases talk together & doing that in an urgent time fashion. Liz was tenacious in getting all of the details correct... When I had a request, an email was sent & within a short period of time, it was solved.    –Dean A Gahagan, Owner of The Oregon Store
  • You are certainly a Tech VA and you rock at it!
    Sonaya Williams - Time2Profitinc.com
  • In the modern world of ‘cyber’ relations… keeping the human touch in emotional and everyday terms is essential. Your ability to empathize, yet work effectively.. means you are an awesome combination of elements.  Grey Samuels – GreySamuels.com

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