Doing it the hard way

Does your daily routine feel like an endless uphill climb?

Are you putting in more and more effort and never seeing the rewards?

Can you even remember the last time you looked forward to your work?

What if you could

  • Replace effort with focus
  • See clearly what’s important and what’s not
  • Eliminate time-wasting, soul-sucking activities
  • Modify standard best-practices to suit your style and rhythms
  • Do what you love. Love what you do.
  • And stop doing what you hate?

Clear. Directed. Motivated.

If the hard way hasn’t been getting you the results you want let’s take a look at how you can make it easier.  

By easy I mean in flow, on path— in other words clear, directed, and motivated, where work feels effortless and you remember why you started this business in the first place.

I’m Liz Sumner

I don’t like the hard way.

I do not believe in No Pain, No Gain. I don’t agree that something must hurt in order to be valuable.

That’s what draws me to Productivity. I like to find the easiest way to do something.

I have a knack for seeing what’s most important and identifying the most effective way to do it.

I coach hard-working women business owners who want to work easier. I help you create time and energy, and I blow your mind at how easy it can be. You’ll feel lighter, enthusiastic, and joyful.

If pain and hardship haven’t been getting you where you want to be, let’s talk.

It doesn’t have to be hard

To me, the purpose of productivity is to give us the freedom– the time, energy, resources, and mental space– to spend our lives doing what we really want. Let’s talk about what that means for you.

Together, In this 30-minute conversation, we will:

  • Understand clearly the goal you’re striving for
  • Uncover the #1 thing that makes attaining it seem so hard
  • Explore new perspectives to reframe your roadblocks to productivity
  • Determine the next steps to achieve the results you truly want
Let’s talk


SonayaPicsq“Liz is expert at asking you the right questions that will bring clarity to any confusion causing you to spin your wheels and lose money.  She has helped me re-prioritize projects that were out alignment with my brand and big vision.  Working with Liz has saved me countless hours a month and about $10K from a potentially failed launch.  I highly recommend getting on the phone with Liz and getting clarity when you are stuck.”

Sonaya Williams

kathy headshot123“I struggled with a decision about whether to go to graduate school. The cost, time commitment, and my age clouded my decision. Liz guided me through the decision process in a way that left me astonished afterwards that I could experience such clarity. I chose to attend, and it was a great decision. I loved grad school! I’m grateful to Liz for guiding me to the perfect decision.

Katharine Hansen, Phd

LauraLawson“Liz is an intelligent, compassionate and insightful coach. She works with you to help you change your perspective, understand your priorities and get you unstuck and moving forward. The ideas, strategies and tools I learned from her have kept working in my life long after the coaching relationship was complete.”

Laura Lawson