You are a competent, highly-qualified entrepreneur with great ideas.

Yet your business is in the doldrums, you’re experiencing frustrating failures and less-than-stellar sales.

You’re working hard and long but not achieving the desired results.

You’re trying to follow your business coach’s advice but it’s just not working for you.

Does this sound familiar?

I’m stuck. Spinning my wheels. I can’t seem to make any progress.

I’m drowning. I have so much to do and I don’t know what to do first.

I’m frozen with indecision. What’s the right next step?

I’m Liz Sumner, and I help entrepreneurs get clear and blow past the log jams that are keeping them from their best work.

Let’s set up a time to talk about whether, together, we can make you feel more productive.

For most people, productivity challenges fall into one of 3 categories:

Dream: You’re not seeing or fulfilling your vision. You don’t know what you’re aiming for. You’re working hard but not seeing the big picture. Where is the Purpose.

Decide: You’re torn or distracted. You spin your wheels and don’t accomplish what’s really important. Everything seems like a top priority, and there’s no order to your actions.

Do it: You procrastinate or delay. You’re always scrambling at the last minute. You never feel a sense of completion. The To Do list never gets shorter. You know what you should be doing but can’t get yourself to actually do it.

Sound familiar? Let’s talk.


Dream. Decide. and Do it.

It’s an attitude that is available to all of us, our birthright in fact,

but sometimes we just can’t see it.

Our fear, and fog, and limited thinking get in our way, and it takes an extra push to regain our power.


Designed for business people, the Breakthrough Session is not a substitute for business coaching— it’s a supplement.


If you struggle with following your mentor’s advice, maybe you need to suggest readjustments so you actually take the recommended action.


Stop trying to fit yourself to the Plan – fit the Plan to YOU!

what's most important


When you know exactly what to focus on you are spending your precious time most effectively, and will feel the satisfaction of accomplishment.


I highly endorse David Allen’s system, Getting Things Done, and recommend his book to all my clients.

But how do you know what’s most important? How do you bring your attention back to the highest priority when you’re distracted or trying to do 10 things at once?

First Things First sm img

First Things First:

6 Keys to Prioritizing Power
PLUS 6 Methods to Manage & Master Your Inbox

There are multiple methods to prioritize your important tasks. This e-book looks at the various ways and helps you choose what’s right for you in every situation.

SonayaPicsq“Liz is expert at asking you the right questions that will bring clarity to any confusion causing you to spin your wheels and lose money.  She has helped me re-prioritize projects that were out alignment with my brand and big vision.  Working with Liz has saved me countless hours a month and about $10K from a potentially failed launch.  I highly recommend getting on the phone with Liz and getting clarity when you are stuck.”

Sonaya Williams

kathy headshot123“I struggled with a decision about whether to go to graduate school. The cost, time commitment, and my age clouded my decision. Liz guided me through the decision process in a way that left me astonished afterwards that I could experience such clarity. I chose to attend, and it was a great decision. I loved grad school! I’m grateful to Liz for guiding me to the perfect decision.

Katharine Hansen, Phd

LauraLawson“Liz is an intelligent, compassionate and insightful coach. She works with you to help you change your perspective, understand your priorities and get you unstuck and moving forward. The ideas, strategies and tools I learned from her have kept working in my life long after the coaching relationship was complete.”

Laura Lawson